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Why are glovebox systems important for optimal battery research/production?

Most of the active materials of modern lithium-ion batteries react to air. Moisture and particles in especially have a negative influence on the properties of the cell and its lifetime. Moreover, many cell structures degenerate when oxygen or nitrogen is present in the atmosphere. For this reason, careful monitoring of the ambient conditions is indispensable for investigations in the laboratory and for the production of cells.

Long-term storage in Argon

Long exposure to air

Mini-Environment for Battery Cell Production

MBRAUN‘s core technology improves cell production quality while reducing costs by enclosing only the process area. This allows significantly cleaner atmospheres and thus ideal conditions for research, development and commercial cell production.

We offer the right solutions for all applications in the battery field. Our enclosures and gas purification systems are designed for a dew point of -76°C and can remove solvents, oxygen and nitrogen with additional filters. In addition, our laminar flow technology can be used for high-quality particle removal.

In combination with a strong partner network, MBRAUN also offers complete solutions from research and development to manufacturing, consisting of its own knowledge and system solutions from its partners.

• No particles or impurities
• Safe and stable process conditions
• MBRAUN Process Tools
• Third-party equipment integration

Li-Ion (LIB) & All Solid State (ASSB) Battery

In recent years, MBRAUN developed  complementary products to complete the portfolio in the battery application.
High-speed electrolyte filling systems (ELFI) for  pouch and prismatic cells, drying ovens, transport solutions and solvent removal systems enable to  offer turnkey solutions, starting at R&D level, followed by pilot scale industrial research up to mass manufacturing, where tact time, reliability and reproducibility is the key for success.

With in-house designed vacuum coating equipment allowing the coating of lithium at high deposition rates, MBRAUN addresses the needs of the ASSB community, which is currently developing thenext generation solid-state batteries.


Electrolyte coating

Solid-state batteries can be manufactured using various methods, each approach having its advantages and disadvantages.
Whether inorganic (oxide or sulfide-based) or organic (polymer-based), MBRAUN has the right tool for you.

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Slot Die Coating

Slot-die coating is a highly scalable technique for the rapid deposition of thin and uniform films with minimal material waste and low operating costs. Slot-die coating is used to apply a variety of liquid chemicals to substrates made of different materials such as glass, metal and polymers.

Electrolyte filling MB-ELFI

The electrolyte filling unit is designed for integration into an MBRAUN glovebox. It combines the automated and reproducible filling and sealing of a pouch cell in vacuum and under inert environment. Several units are available, from the MB-ELFI for pouch cells to the most advanced systems that can fill specific prisms.

LABmaster pro

The LABmasterpro glovebox offers advanced features and benefits to meet our customers' needs. As a flagship model, the LABmasterpro is easily configured with our full range of purpose-built process tools and can be fully integrated with other third-party equipment.


MBRAUN Glovebox systems can be optionally equipped with ovens for dewatering or curing sensitive materials under controlled conditions.

All MBRAUN oven systems are specially designed for integration in inert environments and are also available as stand-alone units.


Particles negatively affect the cell structures of the batteries. MBRAUN is one of the few companies to achieve a clean room standard of ISO class 2 and O2 and H2O <1 ppm. We have adopted the proven cleanroom concepts, transferred the core technical elements to inert gas technology and combined them with in-house developments such as the HPL membrane.


The MB-OptiVap series is the current high-end solution in MBRAUN's deposition tool series. Designed for the requirements of specialized research up to pilot production, these tools are frequently used in industrial laboratories and state-of-the-art universities around the world.

IGMS pro

The IGMS pro is a state-of-the-art inert gas purification system with a modular design for easy expansion.