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Laboratory Chemistry

At MBRAUN we work closely with you, using a unique solutions approach in which we collaborate to define specific application needs. Together, we determine the best solution package from MBRAUN's range of products and services. MBRAUN can configure a system solution to your specific application requirements and we can collaborate with you to build a complete specification. MBRAUN has over 40 years’ experience integrating scientific equipment such as microscopes, spectrometers, ovens, freezers and other accessories with glove box enclosures tailored to customer requirements.


  • Compact design with stand alone gas purification system
  • Stainless steel enclosure with with anti-corrosion safety glass window
  • Modular box design for easy extension•Closed loop recirculation
  • Removal of oxygen and moisture, <1 ppm
  • Negative or positive pressure operation
  • PLC - SIEMENS controller with large color touch panel
  • Foot pedal switch for temporary pressure adjustment
  • Quick purge available
  • ECO Mode operation feature available
  • Large antechamber with sliding tray
  • Edwards RV12 Vacuum Pump available UNIlabMAX


The MBRAUN UNIlab MAX glove box workstation has been designed to meet the specification of various applications and is considered to be the most universal glovebox platform. Compared to the LABstar workstation the UNIlab pro provides you and your team with added features including the enhanced UNIlab pro gas purification system. Other built-in features of the UNIlab pro Workstation are integrated high vacuum feedthroughs and a stainless-steel encapsulated blower. The UNIlab pro can operate with nitrogen or argon as working gas, which makes it ideal for applications like research or battery production. The enclosures are modular which gives you a wide choice of sizes (2, 3 or 4 gloves), single or double sided, and especially the possibility to assemble several enclosures together.

LABmaster pro

  • Compact design with powerful integrated gas purifier unit (DP as option for 24/7 purification)
  • Available in 12 sizes (single sided or double sided)
  • Modular box design for easy extension
  • O2 and H2O < 1ppm
  • Closed loop circulation
  • Negative and positive pressure operation
  • Working gas: Argon oder  Nitrogen


The LABmaster pro glove box workstation offers enhanced features and benefits to meet the demands of our clients. As the flagship model of MBRAUN glovebox workstations, the LABmaster pro can be easily configured with our entire line of specially designed process tools and can be fully integrated with other third party equipment.  The LABmaster pro has proven to be a superior glove box system in numerous research and manufacturing environments and is often utilized in emerging markets such as CHEMISTRY, BATTERY, OLED, PEROVSKITE.  With upgraded features and added benefits the LABmaster pro platform is your best choice to meet your growing application.

SPS Compact

  • Compact, economical and safe single solvent purification system
  • Complete system ready to operate
  • Safe alternative to distilling
  • Quick collection of ultra-pure solvent
  • Purifies up to 800 liters of solvent before replacing columns (depending on solvent)

SPS 5/7

  • Complete systems ready to operate
  • Safe alternative to distilling
  • Quick collection of ultra-pure solvents
  • Purifies up to 7 solvents per system
  • Purifies up to 800 litres with one loading of the filter columns
  • Connect directly to a MBRAUN glovebox or use as a standalone unit
  • Fire safety storage cabinet for flammable liquids ensure lab safety


  • Cost-effective solution for inert applications and/or user protection
  • Thick, clear and durable acrylic box body for optimum visibility
  • Purge glovebox
  • Standard pre-defined configurations like antechamber (purge or vacuum)
  • Working gas: Argon oder  Nitrogen


The MBRAUN Acrylic Glovebox Workstation offers a cost-effective, mobile solution for inert atmosphere applications. A thick, clear, and durable acrylic shell allows optimum visibility and remains impermeable to ambient air. Standard Neoprene gloves provide excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals. The Acrylic Glovebox Workstation  can be configured to meet your project specifications and/or can simply be chosen from a variety of standard pre-defined configurations.