MBRAUN designs and builds OLED mass production line


OLED Mass Production Line

MBRAUN - Know-how for automated production lines

Extensive collaboration with the client made it possible to fine-tune the various complex steps of the process. MBRAUN's know-how in integrating third party equipment or equipment developed in-house was the key to the technical success of this project. In addition, the automation will enable the rapid production of thousands of devices with very high reproducibility.

MBRAUN can also use this know-how to produce production lines for other applications such as the automated production of batteries in a safe and inert atmosphere.


 Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/QFb0vWdUWQSq0toTWjN8uQ


Prof. Huang Wei visits Xi'an Polymer Light Technology Co.,Ltd(XPLT)

Prof. Huang visited XPLT in the morning of April 11th 2020 accompanied by Dr. Zhao Wei as well as a group of experts around from institute of flexible electronics of NWPU.

During his trip, Prof. Huang expressed high appraisal and acknowledgement on the accomplishment in the field of photoelectronic material and device through XPLT’s insistent efforts in scientific innovation research. Prof. Huang calls for a prompt cooperation established between XPLT and NWPU whose affiliated institute of flexible electronics always on the leading edge of technology development. The goal is to realize industry-university-research cooperation, promote group technical breakthrough while accelerating the transitional process for China from-big-to-power.


Prof. Huang has a full inspection on XPLT’s research on photoelectronic materials and devices, IoT sensor production line as well as the temporarily built-up mask production line.


The inter-generation transition of information technology evoked great technological revolution in the field of flexible electronics, intelligence, advanced materials, generic internet of things, data science, etc. During the past decades, XPLT has built up a platform covering areas from scientific research to industrialization production, has newly developed disruptive sensors that used in the IoT(Internet of Thing) and finally became one of the dominated photoelectronic materials suppliers in China.


As the independent patent holder of wet printing based p-OLED manufacturing process, XPLT is leading the world in the field of research and application of p-OLED technology, which is applied for RFID(Radio Frequency Identification) named as "i-TAG", form an unique encode for every single product item base on the display properties of p-OLED in design, with a bright perspective future in the area of IoT and security traceability. 



Prof. Huang Wei

  • Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Foreign academician of the Russian academy of sciences
  • Member of the standing committee of the China association for science and technology
  • Member of the standing committee of the information technology science department of the Chinese academy of sciences
  • Member of the review committee of the National science foundation for outstanding youth
  • Executive vice President of Northwestern Polytechnical University(NWPU)


Dr. Zhao Wei

  • Specially invited expert of "Hundred people plan" of Shaanxi province
  • Specially invited expert of All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese


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